On the Road to Discovery

After 20 years of marriage my relationship with my wife had become estranged. While we did not know it at the time, we discovered that our lack of boundaries and poor communication skills had driven a wedge between us.

Julia helped us see that our relationship had lost its way.

Julia showed me the value of boundaries, communication and unconditional love. She taught me to trust myself and my feelings and to be honest and open about them.

Julia enabled me to see that there are no sides, but instead a marriage is a path that two people share, and to be successful you must work together, as one. She taught me how to listen to people, and to trust my partner.

When my wife’s mother passed away, we immediately contacted Julia, who assisted my wife through her grief.

Her wisdom, nurturing, caring and overall professionalism were invaluable during this time.

I feel honoured to have met Julia, and know that for the rest of my life she will be there for comfort and support whenever I stumble.


I Know we Can Get There

Meeting with Julia when my marriage went through a rough patch was, for me, a great education. I learnt so much about myself that helped me to work on the things I needed toward fixing my marriage.

I learnt to focus on me and how to love my husband better, instead of focusing on him and how he could love me better. Most importantly, I learnt to love myself.

Julia will not give you the answers, but - if you will let her - she will teach you to better love yourself, and through that to better love your spouse.

She has done a great job of leading me to the proverbial water thus far, and while my husband and I have a way to go yet I know with the tools she has given us we can get there.

Back as a Couple

"My husband and I had separated for a short time and so I decided to seek Julia’s help individually. She helped me feel comfortable with myself which was such a relief and a huge help.

Soon after, my husband had his own sessions with Julia and was equally impressed.

We both feel that if it wasn’t for Julia’s help and support we would not be together now. She is an incredible teacher and motivator and has taught us how to be together again and work as a couple.

Thank you Julia for all your love and support. We couldn’t have done it without you...... "
Rich and Suzy

Immediate Action

"We experienced a terrible flash fire in the kitchen of one of our hotels. Three staff were taken to hospital. Many more were involved and affected by this incident.

Immediately we employed the services of Julia Leprotti for critical incident for all affected staff. To us it was important to establish the state of mind of all affected staff members before they were returned to work.

Julia was prompt and diligent. She conducted group sessions almost immediately and had the confidence of the staff from the beginning. She was able to identify higher risk staff who would require more help with the healing process, and then conducted individual sessions with these people.

We noticed from the first counselling session the positive result on the team spirit of our staff.

We were very impressed with Julia’s services and would certainly use them again should the need arise. We would also have no hesitation in recommending Julia to any business in need of staff counselling services."
Max Van Vugt The Grape Group

From Arguments to Discussions

"My husband and I were having major marital problems and were on the brink of divorce.

We contacted Julia at Breath of Life and in the very first session we both felt at ease. Julia was able to identify the areas needed to assist us.

Her genuine approach in helping us made us feel relaxed and understood. Julia helped us with our communication problem and now we are able to discuss issues with out getting into a heated argument.
Thank you Julia.
Samantha and Joe

Non Judgmental

"My first session with Julia I was able to tell her things that I have never told anyone. I felt so comfortable with her, and I was amazed at all the things I had kept hidden. Julia was able to help me address these issues and what really impressed me the most was that she was not judgemental towards me."
Mark T

Needs Met

"I have been to other counsellors and have not been able to have my needs met. When I met Julia for the first time, I knew that I was in the right place. She has really opened my eyes to the truth about how I really am and how I can be the person that I want to be."
Sharon S

Being Real

"One of the first things I noticed about Julia was how loving and real she is. She really cares about her work, and her bubbly personality really attracted me to want to have counselling. She made it a pleasant experience. I thought counselling was going to be a bad experience for me, as it turns out I love it. I love the homework and I love life. Thank you Julia !!"
Sara M

Keeping Me Focused

"I have been to Breath of Life counselling on a number of occasions in my life, and Julia has been brilliant. Her counselling skills are absolutely one of a kind. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. I am always recommending her services, because she has helped me immensely.

I wouldn’t be the happy, stable, balanced, married person that I am today if it were not for Julia. Her approach is beautiful and sensitive, but she gets to the point and she knows immediately where the issues are. She is the most loving and compassionate person I’ve ever known.”
Kate S

Contacting Breath of Life Counselling in Brisbane

We are uniquely accessible for those working in and around the CBD.

Wickham Terrace, a well known professional environment, is a walk away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane City.

Feel free to call us at 07 3831 7783


Julia Leprotti - B.Soc.Sc (Counselling)
Breath of Life