Prepare Enrich with BOL counselling in Brisbane

Prepare - Enrich is a functional and up to date combination of online counselling and personal meetings with your pre-marriage counsellor.

Using modern technology and the access benefits of the internet, you can complete much of your required pre-marital counselling online and in your own time.

The first step in the program is an online questionnaire that couples can complete in their own environment and in their own time.

Once this assessment is completed, the couple come back to the counsellor and are given a copy of their report. Together with their counsellor they can explore the outcome of the report, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

From there it is discussed how to proceed to maximise the strengths and strengthen the weaknesses.

Meeting with your Pre Marriage Counsellor

It is important that as a couple you can come in for a introduction session
- Firstly, to meet me as a counsellor to see whether you feel comfortable with me.
- Secondly to discuss what the assessment program involves.

Talking about before marriage counselling

Getting Started

We work together by email, and register you with the secure online assessment base.

You each answer some background questions that allow an assessment to be customised for your specific relationship.

You can track your progress as you work through the program. If you need to complete the assessment at a later time, you can always save and quit, and return later.

Once both partners have completed the assessment, I as facilitator will take you through the personal sessions.

Usually 6 to 12 sessions are required. More can be scheduled if needed - each couple is unique, and sessions depend on the out come of the reports.

Understanding one's early childhood can contribute to a better understanding as to why we do what we do, and how our childhood behaviours can affect the current relationship.

The Prepare Enrich Life Line

When the assessment has been completed, a Life Line is conducted for the individual. This is usually a 2 hour session which will cover early childhood memories up until the current age of the individual.

The Life Line will enable the counsellor and the client to identify where weaknesses could stem from and how to proceed.

Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, including
Appointments and Confidentiality

You can contact me by phone or by e.mail

Counselling available in person, by phone, by e.mail or on skype


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