Pre Marriage Counselling in Brisbane

Pre marriage counselling from a qualified counsellor can be of real help and benefit to any couple considering marriage.

Pre Marriage Counselling - What are we Thinking About

When we think of getting married we usually think about the things involved in the process of marriage.

Things like buying the rings, choosing the cake, the dress, the suits and the bridesmaids; what food to serve, booking the hall and the honeymoon. We might even think ahead to buying a house.

Pre Marriage Counselling - Answering Important Questions

All these things are of course very important.

However, in the middle of all the planning, do we stop for a moment and consider the most important part of all:

How well do we know the person we are planning on marrying?

  • How well do I really know this person?
  • What beliefs and attitudes do I hold that could be different from His/Hers?
  • How many Children do we want? - oh, wait a minute - do we want any?
All these questions are very important and they should be discussed along with those practical plans.

Pre Marriage Counselling - Talking Things Over

Not having the same core beliefs will have a impact on the marriage later down the track.

It’s funny how we can talk about what movie you like, or what foods I dislike, yet when it comes down to our feelings we tend to ignore them.

We tend to believe that ’it will sort itself out later’, yet more often than not it can be the beginning of misunderstandings. Misunderstandings can then lead to conflict, then to resentment and anger.

Pre Marriage Counselling - Being Aware

This is why we must take that time to think about the real purpose of marriage, and be careful not to get caught up with the fairytale wedding, spending thousands of dollars on the material, and then forgetting the most important elements of the marriage.

Understanding and knowing how to be self-aware are critical. Being aware of myself so as to be more aware of my partner.

Spending money on counselling before one marries can and will be very beneficial to the marriage. It can iron out the negatives and enhance the positives.


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