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Pre Marriage Counselling in Brisbane - Breath of Life works with you

Couples participate in a pre-marital counselling program to prepare them for the commitment of marriage.

The program assists in the promotion of improved communication between couples, leading to a better understanding of each other.

Understanding counselling before marriage


Prepare-Enrich, the program used at Breath of Life, is a government approved pre marriage counselling program.

I am a fully qualified administrator/facilitator for Prepare-Enrich.

Before beginning to present the course, and in order to fully understand it, I completed the course myself in June 2008.

So whatever we talk through, it is not theory but something that I have experienced as well.

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Purpose of Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre Marriage Counselling is aimed at preparing couples for the commitment of marriage. We do this by assisting in identifying both strengths and challenges within a relationship and investigating ways of working through any issues.

The outcome of this counselling looks towards improving communication between couples, and contributing to creating a deeper love for each other.

How does it work?

Couples attend counselling sessions and work through a number of questions and activities to uncover the strengths and challenges within their relationship. The number of sessions is dependent on each individual couple and situation.

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Julia Leprotti - B.Soc.Sc (Counselling)
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