Marriage Counselling Services in Brisbane

Marriage Counselling Services are services that work with couples and families to help extend communication and resolve challenges.

  • Enrich your marriage by working through areas that may have been causing pressure or tension in your relationships.
  • Investigate new ways to communicate with your partner and family.

The marrriage counselling services offered by Breath of Life Counselling in Brisbane include

  • Preparing for marriage through pre-marital counselling
  • Promoting understanding in relationships
  • Working through difficulties in marriages
  • Addressing communication breakdowns between partners and in families

Problem Areas Can Arise in Marriages

Breath of Life Counselling offers personal service to assist in

  • Adjusting to challenges that may be faced in merged families
  • Couples dealing with infidelity and trust issues
  • Handling grief over the loss of a life partner
  • Dealing with sudden loss

Our marriage counselling services extend to Include Relationship Counselling

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Julia Leprotti - B.Soc.Sc (Counselling)
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