Before Marriage Counselling

Before marriage, counselling is highly recommended. Discover a friendly and easy way to do this, mixing online with personal counsel.

Counselling Before Marriage

Counselling before marriage is helpful in understanding what marriage is really all about.

In the first flush of love, we can lose ourselves in an expectation that marriage will take away all our problems. However this is not the case.

We as human beings tend to forget that there are everyday issues that pop up and that must be addressed.

What happens once we marry is that we start to see that love is not blind. We can sometimes discover that our spouse has warts, and sometimes they seem to be big! This then can lead to us doubting, and maybe even questionning ourselves as to why we chose to marry this person in the first place.

Before Marriage - Counselling can Enrich for the Long Term

Having counselling before marriage helps us understand that getting married will make changes to the fairytale love that is usually present at the beginning of a relationship. At the same time, we can realise that the love is still there, regardless of how things may seem.

What has changed is that two people are now committed to living together, and along with this come other responsibilities. Work, a mortgage, children, daily expenses - all these will affect the mood one or other partner is in at various times.

Also, personal issues that have not been resolved in the past are now more than ever present, which at times can cause a major strain to the relationship.

Before Marriage Counselling can Help Resolve Past Issues

How we were raised is transferred on to a marriage relationship. In the beginning, before marriage, there may have been issues that did not bother us, or we may just not have been aware of them.

Before marriage, correct counselling aids the couple to see what issues need to be addressed - issues that if not addressed can indeed cause problems later on in the relationship.

A good counsellor will help unravel the issues and in doing so bring the couple to a place of deeper love and respect for each other.

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