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Breath of Life Counselling in Brisbane assists you with your every day personal development, at home and in the workplace.

I am Julia Leprotti, qualified Counsellor at Breath of Life. I offer you a warm welcome, a peaceful atmosphere, and the time to hear and respect you and your needs.

I encourage you to visit the various sections of the website, and to look into the articles and Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact me at any time, by phone, email or a personal visit.



Handling the complex interactive process of life with those closest to you.



Dealing with the areas of life that can benefit from improvement such as social skills, life skills, self discipline.



Understanding personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. Handling the unexpected.



Equipping with new tools and skills to enrich contributions in the work place.

Breath of Life Counselling Brisbane - Mission Statement

I am a holistic counsellor who takes my profession seriously.

  • My desire is that you feel comfortable, relaxed, valued, respected and - most of all - heard.
  • My aim is to show an approach that is empathetic and non-judgmental, and sincerity that manifests itself to you.
  • My purpose is to assist you with your personal development, and awareness of self. I seek to do this by providing an atmosphere of genuineness.

Contacting Breath of Life Counselling in Brisbane

We are uniquely accessible for those working in and around the CBD.

Wickham Terrace, a well known professional environment, is a walk away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane City.

Feel free to call us at 07 3831 7783

The contents of this website and of any response made to an inquiry emanating from the website are for information only. Users should contact an appropriate qualified counsellor or medical authority for in person counsel on their specific needs.

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Julia Leprotti - B.Soc.Sc (Counselling)
Breath of Life